Our Equipment

Arev Yoga & Pilates Center is equipped with high quality props, rollers, rings, bands, balls, wheels, balance boards, and more.

Arev Library

Bring your own book or read one of ours next to our big aquarium, or get some work done on your laptop in our peaceful, quiet environment.

Arev Massage with Sanguang 

* Chinese Accupuncture massage

30 min 10.000 AMD

60 min 15.000 AMD

* Chinese Guasha massage                   (30 min 12000AMD)

 * Chinese Qigong Massage (120 min 25.000 AMD)

* Japanese Shiatsu massage (60 min 15000 AMD)

* Thai massage (60 min 15000 AMD)

* Chinese Foot massage (30-60 min, 10.000 - 15000) 

* Hot stone massage (30-60 min, 10.000 -15.000AMD)

* Anti- Cellulite massage (30 to 60 min, 10.000 - 15.000 AMD) 

Arev Boutique

We’ve sourced exceptional products from around the world to complement your yoga and pilates practice. We even carry toe socks for a safer Pilates Reformer session.

Arev Changing Rooms

Enjoy Arev Yoga & Pilates Center’s spacious changing area, showers, and lockers. Walk out of Arev Center fully rejuvenated.

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